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A Statement about my health as its clear something rather major has affected the cars progress. Going to work at Marks has been one of the few releases from the stress & my own thoughts if I stay at home

On the 8th August I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer of both lungs, Kidney & Adrenal gland. My Biopsy results came back as ‘Spindle Cell Carcinoma’ it’s rare its not curable & around 12 months survival.
On 6th September I had an appointment with the Specialist who greeted me with the words its not great news but better. My Biopsy results were sent elsewhere to confirm the results they came back having been mis-diagnosed because of my Cancers rarity. Apparently its something almost identical but much much rarer 1 in every 200,000 cases of Lung Cancer & im the only new diagnosis in the UK during 2017 my Specialist has not seen a case in 37 years of practice. ‘Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Schwanoma’ It means it can be treated . Survival rates are not accurately known as theres not much case History to go on.
I see another Specialist on Thursday so will know more then . I start Chemo soon so for 18 weeks or so I cant do a lot. Its been far better for me to be in the banter of the car world at Marks than with my own thoughts sat at home.

When its completed the car will be Sold as my only concern now is making sure Annie is well sorted with as much as possible in the Bank, charging down Brunters is not her bag. If you know anyone who may be Interested in the Worlds Fastest Cosworth sold with a complete rebuild as detailed in this thread.
Cheers Rod


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Hope the treatments go well and don't take too much out of you although I'm sure Rod will be distracted with all things petrol driven as much as possible.