Lowering a new beetle


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Has anyone lowered or fitted new wheels to their new beetle? What is the biggest size rim and lowest drop you can do without it rubbing?
hello mate ive just joined and saw your post,did the wife's beetle yesterday its the v5 used eibach pro kit lowered the car 30mm all round
looks alot nicer and it does help the blob:lol:go round corners alot better,and it has not made the ride to harsh would recommend them.its a easy job to
Thanks for posting the tips - very helpful feedback. Has the car had any other mods done yet?

I bet the v5 is a dream to drive anyway.
got a few things in mind having a remap done soon to get a little bit
extra apart from that just styling,must admit i do like driving it nearly
as much as the scooby:lol:,very smooth to drive the wife loves it
Hi guys, i am from Puerto Rico and have a 2016 beetle 1.8t with 18", VWR spring lowering 25mm and 225 all around. The ride is nice at highway but jumpy over bumps.
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