low bottom end torque


englang, west yorkshire
ford focus 2.0 ghia
Ive got a 2001 2.0 ford focus ghia(zetec engine) and the bottom end is really s**t. From about 1,000 to about 4,000 it barley moves with the full foot down on acceleration pedal, then after 4,000 to 6,500 it gives you a little push back in the same concept of how you would expect a turbo to work or how variable valve timing works. its got 130 bhp stock and 151 nm torque stock and i alredy know that with these cars the peak torque and bhp is just over 4,000 but it really lags hard at bottom end. Its been well maintained and has had regular service but even when car is at standstill and in neutral putting your foot down just to build up the revs takes time. looking through internet ive kind of come to the conclusion that the cam heads aren't to brilliant but its a big issue for me that the car doesent pick up in the low revs because your average driving on street roads having power at bottom end can get you out of some sticky situations but for me im still stuck in the same place for a couple of seconds. Any theories of the problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank u
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Welcome to the world of small capacity N/A engines. All assuming nothing is broken, this is how a lot of NA cars drive, linear power delivery with peak power and torque probs somewhere around the 5k and 4k rpm mark respectively. It's a torqueless engine too.

In essence its the opposite of most roadgoing turbo cars not like them. Especially today where small engined turbocharged cars have made quite the comeback and the use of tiny turbos, built in overboost etc keeps torque low down and close to instantly available.

If its a big issue I'd change down a gear or two first or look into another car.
As true as that is ive driven a 1.6 honda civic vtec na and that pulls a lot better only problem with that car was it had a hard time finding traction putting your foot down but overall japanese ENGINEering something else but i guess im looking for a diesel switch nw with my focus just need something to offer me 40mpg im getting about 19 off focus. But i do agree with what your are saying aspirated cars are a lot popular nowadays espically with better fuel consumption and less carbon being produced. But thank you for the info it helps put my mind at a little ease knowing it may not be as much of an issue i thought it was.
If you're only getting 19mpg out of a 2.0 focus then you may have more of an issue than just the car's natural inability to produce power. Have you had a service recently? Could be due to spark plugs or some such or perhaps there is even some form of blockage somewhere. I get more mpg than that in a modified focus ST. Worth having a good luck into if you've still got it. Sorry I realise I'm a bit late to the conversation

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