loose front bumber


Wrench Pro
VW Polo 1.4TDI
Looking to buy a Fiesta (2008 Ghia) and found that the front bupmer felt quite loose i.e. you can move it with a couple of fingers. I questioned the dealer whom said the Fiestas of this era were poorly designed on the bumper fixings front.

He had another car and that also appeared loose but just want to check with other Fiesta owners as to whether the bumpers are a little loose or this one has a problem.
It gets worse when the bumpers are bumped, the bits behind them are a bit flimsy. It does seem to affect a lot of older Fiestas though.

Haggle him down on the price. Does it rattle when you drive it? Are all the gaps between the panels consistent from top to bottom? If not suspect it has had quite a hard bang at some point.

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