Long time no see.


Torque King
Rugby (expat Preston lad)
Merc C220Cdi Elegan
Howdo all.

Haven't posted here for ages.

How is everyone?

It's all change in the cars in our house.

Last August we traded in my wife's Yaris as it was going to cost over a grand for a full aircon refit.

Through our nephew we get privilege discount on Ford and got a cracking deal on a Fiesta Zetec Nav, 1.0 ecoboost.

It's just a fantastic small car, nice inside, good kit and a gutsy 3cyl turbo engine, even in the base 100hp form we have.

My Merc is becoming a money pit so I've just ordered a Focus stline x 1.5 182ps, 8 speed auto, magnetic grey. The new focus is getting rave reviews.



It's not outright the fastest but handles really well.

It's going to look like this one:
Should get it July.

I'll miss the badge and rwd but not Mercedes bills.
Hi and welcome back it's good to hear from you again.

Looks like a nice motor, I drove one a few years ago and was very impressed with the spec and the handling.

The focus will do you proud and tick all those "need to have fun" boxes.
Good to have you back so it would be good if you can post updates as to how your new cars are going.

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