Local petrol pumps ripping us off


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I found today that pump prices in my town, and surrounding towns are about 4p a litre more expensive than a bit further up in Canterbury!:amazed:

Needless to say I took the opportunity to fill up in Canterbury.

Is it like this in your area? (I paid £110.9 in Canterbury for a litre of unleaded!)
I know what you mean. I was travelling up the road after new year, and the last service station on the M6 was £1 10.9, As I was on an eco drive, I was weighting for my tank to be empty so I can see the best MPG I could get. The next service station along (BP) was £1 17.9 I couldn't believe it!! Was not happy.

I use www.petrolprices.com and this gives you a list of all fuel stations from a 5 mile to a 25 mile radius from a postcode you put in.

Also watch out for Tesco's and Morrison's as they will give you 5p of every litre if you spend £50 at the tills. They will still be making a profit off the discount rate, so it just goes to show how much profit they are making on each litre. Day-light robbery!!!!
your find the further out you go for petrol, the cheaper it becomes, i think the prices are high, in busy areas, i.e london. especially motorway prices, there sky high but then they can charge that because theres no where else to go when your on a motorway
when i went to Canterbury the other week for my mot course i found it was cheaper there then in chatham so i filled up as well
the atual petrol it self is cheap.( about 60p) its the tax that makes it expensive. where i live its around 108.9p

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