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1969 Merc 6.3
Hi all, there are some really awsome things going on here fantastic! I was hoping to get some good mechanical advice on getting a little more top speed out of a 6.3 1969 model. As I am stripping it down thought it would be the best time to organise anything I´ll be needing as well as the new overdraft limit of course:bigsmile:
Cheers nice to be here, been reading lots about tuning on the site and I think on this old car I have to combined a bit of old with new regarding getting more power. Engine capacity is ample so correct me if I am wrong anybody I should be concentrating on the heads/ valves maybe camshafts and air-in and exhaust,,, Fuel is in quantity with the eight cylinder injection pump thats sits on top of the V8 engine literally pouring uncontrolled buckets of fuel onto the spark plugs every you put your foot down.
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