Lil Badass

Hello and welcome |B

Love the nice clean duco on the Fiesta so is it just a daily car or does it get hammered on the track at all and is it modded or stock ?
Stock for now, collecting the parts for the build I have planned. There are no tracks with in a reasonable distance.
If you can't make it fast make it pretty. Shift knob from Esty. Start button surround and hand brake inlay from Whoosh. Cubby hole extender and shifter surround from Razzter.
OK guys time for an update if you all care, LOL.

I hurt my back working on my ST, it’s just about healed which is good because I have a ton of ST parts sitting in my garage.

OK enough about me, I put the first tank of 93 Marathon in Lil Badass, I waited till less than a gallon of stealership swill was left. I’m going to drive her about 20 miles then install my Dizzy tune. I also received my Dagy, so before and after numbers will be forth coming before and after every mode. I learned a long time ago manufacturers of performance parts have a habit of inflating gain numbers. So I want to know good, bad or other wise what a part did for me.

Parts that waiting breathlessly for install.

Wavespec rotors and Power Stop carbon ceramic pads and Motul 600 brake fluid.

LC7i, JBL front component speakers and Rockford Fosgate amp and Rockville 8” under seat sub. Still waiting for my custom loop back harness and JBL rear coaxial speakers.

I also have various dress up goodies.

End of story for now.:cool:
Turbo and exhaust manifold back from the rebuilder. For those interested the turbo is a GT2554R.

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