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England, St Helens
I got my fto two days ago and what a world of pain. I was a nice car. Engine and gearbox. Triptronic not mivec. When it got dark i noticed the dashboard instruments did not light up. Just the left half of the rev counter.

Today i noticed the side light/fog lights on the front of the car. The ones in the bumper. One of them was not working. I went to a garage bought another one. They were capless bulbs. Really small. I put it in and the other side didnt work anymore. I finished up and went home and just around the corner I stopped to go to the shop but when i did the car wouldnt start again. The immobilizer seemed to be working perfectly switching on and off but there was no starter motor activity. I left it there and went home to cry.

After the tears had stopped i returned and trid to start it over. It flew over but this time the lights on the dash clocks where working.

Any ideas what this could be?
also I can find only fuses in the engine bay. Are these the only fuses in the whole car?
Howdo. Mine has fuses in the car behind a panel in the side of tje bulkhead down from the steering wheel. Have a look there or for a drop down tray under the passanger glovebox, that kind of thing.
cheers yuuguy. I had a look and cant find anything in those locations. I think i'll call a spark mand get him to take a look. On another note. How much mpg do you get or more importantly. I get for £20 83miles. Meaning for a 10 pound i get 40-43 miles. This is obviously when the petrol light first begins to show. What do you get?
and How many miles does one have when the petrol light begins to come on?

Any help will be appreciated as MPG is essential. I have to run my girlfreind to work and pick her up again. That 120 miles a day:(
Looking about on the web for you just now and 300 miles for a tank full of fuel is about the going rate for an FTO I'm afraid. Other owners of this car model state that the things to do to help a little with the fuel consumption is apparently to replace your Lambda sensor, stay out of mivec (5500 rpm), de-cat (iirc) and leave the aircon 'off' this will help you to get a few MPG back.
Sorry bud I meant my car, my Bora. Most cars I've owned have had a couple of places for fuses, one in the engine bay and one inside the car passanger compartment.

You could try disconnecting the battery for a good half hour, cos it doesn't actually sound like fuses, more like a module or relay that's got confused.

Hope you get it sorted anyway.
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