Lights on a FTO


Malvern, England
Mitsibushi FTO
Hi All. Just changed the offside side light bulb (12volt, 5 watt push in fit) on my FTO, as it is going for a MOT tomorrow. What a job as the screw
going throgh the front of the lighting cluster had to be drilled out, but as some of the screw stub was still remaining I had to break part of the light fitting to remove it. Refitting was not a major problem having found a replacement screw. However on testing found the fog light in the same light fitting was not working, plus nearside aswell. The fuse feeding it is OK. Switch appears to be working, and have tested the offside bulb . I have an idea there is an earthing issue as the dipped headlights appear to be dull. Not sure if the fault was present before removing the cluster. Does anyone know where I can obtain a circuit diagram. Richard G.
Sorted, found there is a FTO-Ireland site, and found lots of manuals. Downloaded the electrical manual and traced fault to the fog light switch. Also found the horn was not working and this was due to a broken cable in steering column on the rotating ring just below horn push (note appears it is not the original steering wheel and switch cluster). Passed the MOT but only just on the emmission tests!! Anyone want to buy a good looking red FTO, leather upholstery with a noisy tappet when cold?
Thanks for the update, this will be very helpful to the next person with the same issues. I'm glad you got to the bottom of it.
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