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LIGHTLY super-charging a 2004 Jaguar XJ VanDen Plas

Discussion in 'Technical forum' started by wells897, 13 October 2018.

  1. wells897

    wells897 Newbie

    2004 Jaguar XJ VDP
    I would greatly appreciate thoughts and guidance as to whether it is
    possible to "lightly" super-charge a car of the type described above,
    such that no other modifications need to be made to the car, and the
    potential issues of detonation or premature ignition can be entirely avoided.
    I imagine the XJ is an NASP, so only super-charging should be considered,
    and--of course--"turbo" charging is out of the picture completely!
    Thanks for any help you can provide. (If this can be done whereby
    the number of hours of qualified mechanics time could be comfortably
    held to no more than, say, 3 hours, that--of course--would be ideal! [I
    have a source for an XJR "parts" car, so if any of the parts from that would
    help get this sort of project done [if it's "do-able" at all!], that should help
    in holding down the cost of parts.)

    TCJBOLDIE Torque King

    JB Starion
    Hi and welcome :)

    You do understand that you can't just simply add a supercharger without having to have it's EMS / computer remapped as if you push in more air it needs more fuel to keep from leaning out the AFR fuel air mix ??
  3. wells897

    wells897 Newbie

    2004 Jaguar XJ VDP
    You are ABSOLUTELY "spot on" (as the English would put it), to point that out!
    If there were to be anything done along these lines to the XJ, I would ONLY
    have the work done by not only an ASE-certified mechanic, but by
    a ***JAGUAR *** mechanic, properly qualified to work on the 2004 Jaguars!
    (Such a person would, of course [hopefully!] be fully familiar and acquainted
    with the procedures to properly re-map the EMS &/or the car's computer(s). Also,
    such a person would know how a properly set up 2004 Jaguar would perform,
    and should there be any engine 'hesitation' or any other deterioration in the
    car's normal performance that could not be eliminated with some minor adjustments, we would know that we should not prudently undertake to even "mildly" or "lightly'" super-charge the XJ! Your observations are ABSOLUTELY at the
    heart of undertaking this sort of thing! I am grateful for your help.)
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