Hunedoara, Romania
Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi
Hey guys,
Just changed my 1.2 8v Clio for a 2006 1.8 TDCi Focus and I am looking to upgrade my headlights/bulbs to xenon. I was looking at projector type headlights from the guys at dectane I know that xenon are better than halogen and I know about the legal issues, so my question is purely which is better: to put a HID kit in my standard headlights or to fully change my headlights to a projector style headlight and mount the xenon kit on that headlight? I want to know if a projector with xenon is better than a standard headlight with xenon.


Sorry for my english
check your local laws. the projector sets you have posted a link to are xenon look but take a H1 bulb. In the Uk putting a HID conversion in this would be unlawful - and could soon be an mot failure.

also its not a fair comparaison as HID will give more light output however the light will be scattered meaning you may find you blind oncoming traffic more than the light thats going onto the road
So, basically what you are saying is that even though a HID conversion might give more light it is possible that it would not be necessarily on the road like a projector style headlight.
Is it illegal in the UK to put a HID kit on a headlight that uses H1 in particular or are you referring in general it is illegal to use a HID kit?
The legislation in my country is about the same as in the UK when it comes to these kits, however I know FOR A FACT that (unfortunately) NO ONE ever checks the headlights except maybe that they both light up properly, and as far as I know there are very few people that can make the difference between a proper HID kit and a xenon looking bulb (those cheap replacements that say that they have the "look" of xenon lighting).

P.S. Thank for the reply
yes the reflector inside the light is designed for the beam pattern of halogen bulbs. unless the encloser takes D1* or D2* then they arent set up right.

the same thing happens over here where people will put conversion kits in there lights and get them aligned at the testing station so the pass the MOT however the light is still quite often scattered all over the place and blinding to oncoming drivers. yes they will light up the road more than halogens but they will also light up everywhere else. if you look at proper setup HIDs then they make a massive improvement compared to the conversion kits.

i know a mate runs 100w bulbs in his astra and they look very much like HIDs but again are very blinding and unlawfull
So basically it's best to change the headlight to a projector style so that I don't blind other drivers. The projector should give a good concentrated light beam on the road and not blind other people. The people at dectane said that if I want to mount xenon lights to let them know. Maybe they make the necessary adjustments to the headlight?:blink:
again the protector lens isnt going to make any difference if you fit HIDs as the reflector in it is still designed for halogen output and will scatter no matter what you do. its the reflector that decides where the beam goes. it may be adjustable to pass tests but you will still suffer scatter

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