Lightened Flywheel


Hi All......Ive been wondering about the effects of adding a Premier Power super lightweight flywheel to my Caterham Sigmax. Its a track car only and used for trackdays but Ill be sprinting it next year and wondered what the effects of such an expensive mod might be. Anyone with experience of this?
The most significant thing is that your RPMS will rise and fall much more quickly, this can help acceleration, but will cause the car to bog down a little on hills and inclines, where a heavy stock flywheel will have "stored" the energy for the climb.

Personally, I feel you could spend the money better elsewhere, this doesn't give much of a power gain as such, but the fact it can improve acceleration probably can't be ignored in sprint racing, as long as there are no inclines or hills involved.
For a Caterham you want the power at the top part of the RPM range, so I'm thinking head flowing work, bigger valves and a more aggressive cam profile will all help to achieve this.

What engine and Gearbox is fitted to the Sigmax?

Piston ring seals can be an issue from chats I've had, and this is down to the oil they put in at the factory which prevents the rights and pistons bedding in.

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