Lightened flywheel for alfa 159 2.4


Alfa Romeo 159 2.4
Hi guys,

New to the forum and my first post. I have an alfa 159 2.4 q4 and upgraded the intercooler, the air filter, deleted the egr and dpf removed. It's been remapped and now running around 250bhp but the clutch is now on the way out.

Anyone have a recommendation for a) an updated clutch and b) where I can get a single mass lightened flywheel from?

I don't want to know about vibrations and noise. I'm a lotus guy so less weight equals more power imo.

Tia for any help!
Hi and welcome :) |B
I would recommend a single mass/solid FW and a cushion button clutch plate plus an upgraded pressure plate with more clamping pressure.
There are pros and cons with a light flywheel so do some research first.
I wouldn't recommend a lightened flywheel for a road car. Go too light and the car become undrivable in traffic.

Check out Exedy for a clutch. I've got an Exedy Pink clutch in my car and I like it. Handles the power well (though I admit I've no real comparison it was fitted by previous owner).
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