Lighten bottom engine pulley worth it?


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I want to ask if a lighten bottom engine pulley will worth the money ? I ve read that they can make an egine a lot more responsive ? Also in other forums I ve read that they don't worth it and also there is a chance of damaging the engine? My car is a 1.6 turbo inline 4 engine. My clutch and flywheel are stock also and I am not planning to change them as I have recently changed them with new ones due to worn
Any thing on a car that spins / rotates that can be made lighter will help engine response BUT WILL NOT increase power despite the car feeling livelier.

Flywheels, pistons , conrods , crankshafts , harmonic balancers , brake discs , wheels , tyres are all items that can be lightened as well as cleaning out all the junk in the boot.

In RWD vehicles the prop shaft / drive shaft can be made in aluminium or carbon fibre if you are really keen to have everything as light as possible .
It really depends on your application and whether or not the engine pulley, or crankshaft pulley, is also the harmonic balancer. For my engine, the Toyota 5VZ-FE, the engine is internally balanced so the pulley can be replaced with an aftermarket aluminum one. I did this a few years ago and immediately noticed quicker acceleration (but no extra HP like TCJBOLDIE mentioned) because it went from an weight of 10 lbs down to 2.5 lbs. That's a 7.5 reduction in rotating mass that makes the engine quicker to accelerate.

If your crankshaft pulley is also the harmonic balancer, replacing it with a pulley that does not also absorb vibrations or cause the crank to be out of balance you can cause severe bottom end damage to the engine to the point of absolute failure. Read up on your engine and if it's externally balanced I would not advise changing it.
It's an N14 engine , same as mini cooper s, my oem pulley is 1kg in weight and the aluminium lightened is 0.370kg (have the weight), also it comes "machined balanced" i don't know if it means it will absorb vibrations ?
I would contact an engine builder or tuner that's familiar with the N14 mini engine. I have no experience with them but Lohen based out of the UK has done a lot of work on the N14 engine. It never hurts to ask an expert about it. I've contacted many Toyota performance shops over the years and have helped direct my build over the years.
这实际上取决于您的应用以及发动机皮带轮或曲轴皮带轮是否也是谐波平衡器。对于我的发动机,丰田 5VZ-FE,发动机是内部平衡的,因此可以用售后市场的铝制皮带轮更换皮带轮。几年前我这样做了,并立即注意到更快的加速(但没有提到像 TCJBOLDIE 那样额外的 HP),因为它的重量从 10 磅下降到 2.5 磅。旋转质量减少了 7.5,使发动机加速更快。

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