LED's in Headlights


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Peugeot 406 STi
If you do this you do it on your own risk and onething is for sure if lights are old and secondhand they might crack if stressed or drilled be carefull .Okay now to tell you what I did .

All lights was standard 406 sti sedan lights front and rear from model .
I saw this leds in my friend's shop that the call led striplights that they use here for under car lighting same evect as neon tubes's but more robust .
I first bought the white leds as for hood lighting but as I open the hood I saw the front lens can split from the main unit and split it. Now the difficult section was to mont them in side after trail and error with glue I first superglue them and then epoxy them for strength due too only the edges can be glued and re assembled lights.
The rear I drilled a hole in the white top part of the indicator\reverslights and inserted strip lights easy.
Remember check your front lights too see if they are not glued with a epoxy , they must have the rubbery type of resealible sealer , the tail ligts you can not split they are glued with a hard epoxy and spliting will certanly crack them , take care when spliting the front lights not to crack them.
Well the headlights took a couple of hours on a saterday morning because of you need too strip each light out thats a very big pain in well you now were if you dont have small hands and right tools.I forgotten too mentioned that when you buy striplights buy them longer than you need them as you can cut them too length that you need , some you can only cut to a certain place like the reds I put on had tranponders they call that if you cut after them ,they are 3 lights to every transponder , the one before it dont light up , I used these in the rear because you dont need to solder a resistor onto them if you whant too use the offcuts later and the transponder type is less brighter too perfect for the rear you dont want to blind\ dazel the one behind you you want to awe them in envy like just before I was admitted in hospital that a chap followed me to hospital and frantically searched the hospital for me.
The front ones are high out put because you want it to still be visible when main beams are on and if you look as well you can see that the park light I replaced with a led as well to give it a evect of a eye with a eyelid . A very angry eye evect even the rear has same evect . I wanted to do it different at the rear but this turned out great instead of fitting amber in that same spot and red right at the botom of the light. Well thats all it takes.

I also changed the dash globes with white small leds but you must put a resistor inline with the dimmer switch for which I have not done yet and needles of gauges are quiet bright though.
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