laguna v6

between 2000 and 3000 at the moment, already got piperx vector cone,sports cat and custum made exhaust

Then why not think about some cams or maybe a turbo upgrade? How much power do you want to achieve. I would start with what you have said already then do the cams and maybe bigger injectors fuel pump etc. Port, polish and gas flow the head. An ecu upgrade the list could be endless. But that gives you an idea.
Hi soot. Quite a few suggestions there from Turbonutter69. The V6 would be quite expensive to turbo, a supercharger would be a better option though.

However thinking about your budget and thinking you still want a reliable every day car here are some suggestions.

Why not go with some head work. Getting it flowed and ported and fitting some fast road cams whilst you are at it will be a great start on the V6.

Other little things you can do would include an FSE fuel boost valve.
what power gains would i get with head work and cams

It depends how far you go with it. But seeing your have a V6 I would expect a good gain. But more BHP equals more ££££'s no matter what car you have. Your best option would be to give a specialist garage a ring and tell them what you want and your budget and they will advise you the best route to suit your needs and your budget. Prima Racing will do this for you and they will do as little or as much as you want them too. :D:D
Probably a power gain in the order of 20%. It depends a lot on the condition of the engine and cam profile selected.
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