kitt comes to torque cars


The Torque Meister
chatham kent
82 trans am kitt
well sold my 78 trans am last week so as the garage was empty i bought this today
pics are rubbish as they are from my phone







That is the coolest thing I've seen in a while! I'm very jealous! :bigsmile:
That's summer sorted out for you! Will you be adding NoS to replicate TURBO BOOOOST!!!! :bigsmile:
well have to put all the insides back together for the summer and teh shows once the show season has finished will look into getting the dash done if i have the money as its about 2k

wish it had a turbo is only a little v8 a 5.0 is the smallest pontiac engine i have had but you cant have everything

but will be looking better within a couple of weeks and loads of hours cleaning it
dont talk to me thats ££££££££ off yet
steering wheel gets more looks then the car but is so easy to drive with it on but i am not the biggest of people no doult if you had a bit of wieght it would not be so easy
lutonmatt, I have just seen a Kwik Fit advert on itv 4 with Kitt on a car ramp having a chat with a mechanic, is it your car by any chance? :amazed:
na is not mine is my mate marks just lives up the road from me
and also if you watched the wwf from teh o2 you would of seen the hoff driving it in

wish it was mine but no calls yet lol
Very impressive car, could you please post some clearer pictures? it would be great to see the car in better detail--the car deserves better pictures--
ya that is a nice one
was talking to him and he said i would sell this and get a kitt but you have one and mark has one so i dont want one lol

as it is there are 3 kitts in kent that i know of dont want to many
went to a show today bit wet but as it was wet no one was there so had a nice big car park to play in



and a play with one

sorry could not made it today was off roading but did end up down behind it as i finshed off the day with the lanes behind lydden hill
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