I just bought my Kia and so far it is doing very well. I did have a Dodge Ram 1500 4x4, crew cab,w/hemi . I put a AEM cold air intake on and it gave it more power on low end. I can say one thing for the hemi. It had POWER and plus. I am retired and disabled and couldn't keep the gas in the thing. So, with the Kia it is a 08 Sportage EX, 4wd and V-6 and has 23000 miles on it. I am just leary about it being never have owned one before. So we will see. Thanks
just got the missus a kia carens, nice car, with low mileage (less than 50) on an 04 plate!! want to play with the engine a bit as its a bit sluggish. :mad:
I sometimes miss the power i had with the hemi. It's alot different having a v-6 then a V-8. When i want to pass somebody now i better have alot of space. LOL
i own a Kia Cee'd, engine is nowhere near as big as a v6, its a pidely 1.6 Diesel

Also noticed, theres 6 threads for Kia's
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Kia rio 04, canada. Petrol, 1.6 L I would like to know what can be good 4 tuning, perfomance.

maybe chips? maybe something else?

it isn't really worth chipping a NASP petrol,

what i would suggest is a sports CAT manifold, induction kit,
if your willing to pay serious amounts of money then look at getting upgraded cams and valves
but the manifold and induction kit would be a start
Thats what im looking to do to my carens in the future. Just not many places that sell stuff for them lol
got a kia carensII 2004 crdi 80000mls little heavy on fuel but no problems at all so not so bad but then up to 2006 their diesel engines were made by mercedes cant be bad
Well, I'm thinking about a serious audio upgrade/carpc. Also lowering, wheels and seats, tints, a few subtle bodywork mods (spoiler, front skirt)

Will see how it goes :)
Well, I'm thinking about a serious audio upgrade/carpc. Also lowering, wheels and seats, tints, a few subtle bodywork mods (spoiler, front skirt)

Will see how it goes :)

Sounds good! Get yourself a project thread going (in the Gallery section) and keep us all updated!

(10 posts are required before you can post pics though... So get posting!)
I have a 2009 KIA optima LX 5 speed. And advice about putting a turbo in it?
Thanks! I (hopefully) have big plans for my Cee'd. I'm coming from a 2.0T Volvo S60!

Whilst my new 2013 Kia Ceed 1.6 diesel auto goes well enough ,it has many IMO faults that are extremely annoying. The jacking system is not fit for purpose. The awful Menu system is crap. there is no permanent engine temp gauge it is tied up in the Menu together with two virtually useless trip odometers ( only one required)it needs to be separate & permanent for convenient useage. The fuel gauge is far too large.There is a useless plastic tray in the boot which reduces its capacity, if the tray is removed this does this not help as the boot cover can not be lowered. Most stupidly & very unsafe when switching on the ignition the dash is illuminated and the front DRL comes on but the rears do not. So when it gets dark you think the rears are on. Then if you realise they are not on you switch on side & headlights and the dash illumination immediatley dims and it is too difficult to read the menu crazy, Finally my Ceed has developed an intermittant rattle from the front, I took it in to Hummingbird Motors Colindale and after two days they can not locate the rattle. They want to strip out the dash & remove body panels, I have decide to live with the fault until I change the car in 18 months time, it will not be another Kia unless they improve the instrumentation. Overall fuel consumption is only 34 mpg.
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Fortunately the rattle has now disappeared of its own accord. Opening the bonnet the other day first time since getting the car back from Hummingbird I find that the top of the dipstick has broken off a real mystery, its seems like the rotten jacking system it is not fit for purpose. A new dip stikc being ordered by Hummingbird only £3.45 they are trying to get it under warranty. Overall mpg is now down to 32.

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