Just turned 17 =)

Manic Rob

I have just turned 17 and i already now that im getting a 1.6 ford escort (1996 i think).
i was just wondering what i could do that wont boost insurance up TOO MUCH. like body kits, exhausts and intakes etc, i have about 2grand to spend ;)

hey and welcome manic rob.
ok is the £2k for insurance alone ? if it is leave it as standard as youll find that it could be already high (17 yo, No experiance, no NCB, etc and a 1.6)

bodykits will add a substansial amount to your premium as it makes the car more likely to be damaged/stolen. have you had a look at sion's post about insurance in the general chat
his insurance wants to add £2k to his policy for bodykit and wheels.

performance wise a panel filter might give you a little over stock. also drill the bottom half of the box with around 25-30mm holes and add a cold air pipe, halfords sell alu ducting for around a £10, this you can claim isnt really a performance mod so your insurance may not be affected.
exhaust - have a look see if a larger engines exhaut will fit, slightly bigger bore but dont go to far otherwise you will lose back pressure. A decent stainless system will give you around 5bhp but will add to your insurance but maybe only a couple of hundred.
Hi Rob and welcome to TorqueCars, glad your getting into the car modding scene. You will certainly have a lot of fun with it. Choose your insurance company carefully and go with one that offers modified cover at the start - it gets really expensive if you have to change insurer mid term.
im in the same boat as such got a 1.6i mk5b with body kit stock exhaust still look on ebay search for escort 5a 5b should come up with jap style front bumper about £180 for full kit
the car is 1k and the insurance is 1k and i have an extra 2k on upgrades

Insurance WON'T be 1000 pounds

Guarantee you have done something wrong :)

Ahh, unless you have got a quote for while you are on provisional license. Soon as you pass your test, it doubles + a couple of hundred :)

Heads up :)
when i was 18 had the same issue, (although this was 13yrs ago) had a standard 4 door mark 4 escort with a full body kit and had to have it insured as an rs turbo, eventually found someone who insure it for a more reasonable price through an insurance broker and actually they advised if i did by an rs turbo premium would be GBP100 more only.

then had a mark 4 escort 2 door with full cosworth kit - that was insured through Privelege and the rate was only extra couple of hundred over the standard, they are worth a shot but would phone them as opposed to doing it over the internet coz if you get a friendly agent on the lone they may be able to guide yu on how to make it cheaper.
on the same topic for insurance for standard cars, not modified, just the usual run about, anyone any advice on whose cheapest. had to start ny ncb from scratch as didnt insure a car for 3 yrs and started with Tesco firstly then after two years have ended up with directline who were 25% cheaper than tesco! but running two policies so have another one to renew in a couple of months and sure will have to change insurance company to get the optimal - also for a runabout. (My scooby is insured through a different route)
fully comp have a look on go compare (comparethe market and confused.com are sh!t for modded cars they wanted £4500 for mine)
ah wait your still on a provisional licence just now arnt you ? wait until youve passed and watch it rise, its to do with someone being in the car with you when your learning.

i use all the to find the cheapest then phone the company up and push to get it cheaper
I'm paying £2100 for my insurance on my 95' escort 1.6 with quinn :cry: how did you get such a cheap quote?

insurance has shot up alot in the last year. something to do with the english cant seem to drive in rain or snow ;) that on top of the compensation claim world we now live it has shot them up by alot

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