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Some people who may see me regularly on this thread probably knew that my gearbox had gone. So I managed to pick one up from my local scrappy and just managed to put my car back together this morning. So I went to my local petrol garage, filled up ,pulled out to turn right, sat there waiting for a gap in the traffic , 10 seconds later a 4x4 has shot down the road, tried to drive down the wrong side of the road and then smashed into the front of my car writing it off.
I now Know what it feels like to be hit in the face with an airbag.
Pictures to follow
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yh luckly I walked out of it, still a bit tipped off about the fact I only just finished fitting the gearbox that morning and had just filled up ='[
yh the air bag smacked me in the chin
Ill upload the picture of what I was hit by.
Take a look at where there car is, someone tell me why it is in my lane ?
The speed she hit me made my car spin to the left.
She even had the cheek to come out and blame me for it
What happened was I was turning right out of the garage. I was sat in the lane waiting for a gap in the traffic so I could enter the other side. As I went to cross the white line she decided to try and drive down the wrong side of the road to dodge my car but ended up driving sideways on into the front of it and made my car spin backwards and wrote my car off. Shes just a small bit of bumper damage. Apparently its all my fault even though she drove into my when I was actually in my lane.
Wow, That must of been sore getting hit with the airbag!

It's Annoying how your car has been turned into a "MINI" and the 4x4 only has alittle bodywork damage, but glad your ok and fingers crossed Insurance sort you out and you get another car soon
Make sure you keep that photo and any others to forward onto the insurance company. It will go a great deal to help lay blame.
The garage may well have video footage, it's worth asking them as it will add to your arguements against her. Glad to hear you are ok but the real pain is yet to come, dealing with insurance companies!:(
Went to the petrol garage the day after the accident and they do not have any camera's facing that part of the road. Talking about insurance I am soo lucky I took those pictures. As I knew the person who crashed into me was going to lie and say that I just pulled out on her and she did say exactly that. So the pictures have helped proved what I have truthfully said. Also the independent investigator from my insurer who is sorting out my case drove past my car after the crash had happened. Its such a small world.
Ill keep you guys posted.
See you all back on the road soon :D
hopefully once it settled the other driver will be prosecuted for deliberately lying to the insurance company as surely this woul be classed as fraud.

good luck getting it sorted pronto!
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