Just fitted a turbo charger into my stock engine


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Fiat 131 CL
Hey guys , as i told you before that i'm gonna fit a turbo charger into my stock fiat 131 with engine 1600cc SOHC 8v using the blow through carburetor

I still didn't connect the piping yet
i've connected the header , exhaust , oil lines and water lines

Now i need you to give me your comments and opinions :)

Here is a video for the turbo spooling without connecting the pipes .. there is no intercooler , bov or waste gate connected yet

Bolting it on and getting the turbo wheel to spin was never going to be the issue.

Untill you can accurately measure the boost level to confirm how well (or if) the turbo is actually producing useable boost its difficult to confirm how much difference it will actually make.

Nevertheless well done so far.
thx for the support guys and i will keep posting the progress .. tomorrow i will get the pipes , blow off and intercooler connected

i already measured it , the turbine is toyota CT12 i bought it used and measured it's boost
it reads 1.3 bar max when waste gate isn't connected
it reads 0.7 bar when the vacuums , piping , blow off are connected
Well done, great work. It sounds like you are making progress.
yea , its going on so well
now i just need a fuel regulator with boost referenced vacuum to install the electric fuel pump because the stock mechanical is worthless then i'll start to adjust the AFR by jetting the carb. and adjusting the regulator
nice work !!! I thought the Fiat 131 8 valve was a pushrod motor.

Wrong by me: both 1585cc units were eight valve units but the later one was a DOHC 8 valve unit. Earlier one was a pushrod.
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The DOHC 16V would have been from the Lancia Intergralie IF my memory is correct.

I had a Fiat 125 DOHC TC 8V and it was a lively motor and loved driving it.

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