Just brought a Corrado


VW Corrado, 2lt 16v
I've braught a 2lt 16vl Corrado only done 77k miles too :D I'm picking it up saturday, I can't wait. Just need to shift my Golf now.



Picked up my Corrado yesterday.

Drove it back and had the biggest smile on my face all the way home. Woke up this morning and went out for a drive too :D

No words can describe what it feels like to drive and the sound :embarrest:
Thanks guys

Not really got any plane apart from the usal corrado stuff, up grade the wipers to either Lupo or TT wipers, upgrade the breaks to G60 ones.

Picking up a KR inlet cam this week (not going to fit it straight away)

havent realy thought what out
congrats on the car mate a beautiful looking motor the 2nd best looking car vw have ever made only 2nd to the new scirocco
Haha if you say so :p put the Corrado next to the new scirocco its not a compotision, the corrado wins every time :D

BUT Put the new Scirocco next to any new car then the Scirocco wins every time
No I dont.

All i know is its got more lift than the standard inlet cam.

Brought it off another Corrado owner. He brought it for his car along with a top cam cover (thingy), but didnt realise a cam set cam with the cover.

So he sold it to me for £20

HAHA YA lowering is on the cards, but fitting bigger breaks then a new cam first.

Then im lowering it 40mm at the fromt 60mm at the back and im going to replace every part of the suspension :D
It doesnt sound any louder at low revs but above 4k it has a slighter higher note. When idling it has a nice purrrr.

Going to have one of the silencer boxes removed just to bring the volume up a bit :D

it was a steel, I should of payed more for i got :D
theres only 1 thing that you should worrie about, and thats the head gasket, if it wasnt driven like it was stolen by the previous owner, you should be ok, but from what it looks, it looks as it was taken care of

have you any plans with it yet??
The car has only done 82K miles and runs sweat as a nut.

I've got a few planes for it, going to keep it looks as standard as possible on the out side but change a fw things in the car.

Lower suspension, bigger brakes, full exhuast system, higher lift inlet valve, cold air feed, re-map and a respray.

Thats all I have planed for now
good man, cars like that shouldnt need biodykits and #!#!#!#!
performance mods are a yes

let us know how its going anyway mate
and keep it between the ditches
I agree old school cars dont need anything doing to the out side apart from a respray :D

Eventualy I might go down the charged root but not shore yet
Had a small silencer box removed from from the exhuast system yesterday :D

Got a lovely growl now it also stoped the anoying rattle i was getting

And I've got new rubber on the front. A set of vredestein Sportrac 3, a very good tyer grippy as hell
My Car went on a Rolling road yesterday as the corrado club had a rolling road day at stealth racing in warwrick.

My car made 146.7 Bhp @ 6188 rpm and 140 lbft @ 4363 rpm, at the Flywheel

Not bad when you concider when it rolled out the factory 15 years ago with 136 Bhp and all I have done to it is put a Magnex back box and removed the first silencer :D

heres a few pics and video

My car sandwiched between two VR's


Mine on the rollers


The video of mine on the rollers


My phone battery died so couldnt take any more pics :(

But one VR6 turbo made 300 Bhp 8)
Had new brakes put on the back over the weekend with new bearings as well.



Trying to removed rounded off bolt on the carrier :nuts:



This is the state the discs were in :shock:


Ooooooh Shiney :nuts:



And final result


Can all ready feel the braking inproved even tho its not bedded in properly

Getting bigger one put on the front next month with red stuff pads :D
Oooo shiny! What brakes you getting for the front? Watch it with the red stuff pads, they take some warming up before they're up to MAXIMUM POWER :lol:

I have 298mm 4-pot Wilwoods on the way, bells and rotors too :D
For some reason the 2lt 16v and 1.8 16v Corrados all came with 256mm front discs. but the other version came with 280mm

So just going to up grade to 280mm as its straight forward swap :D using VW parts
Well thought its about time I done a up date on the car.

New things so far:

Half tinited rear lights
Tinted side repeaters
Powder coated inlet manifold
Inlet cam off a VW 1.8 16v ( KR code ) engine which has more duration so smoother top end
Adjustments to the fueling and ignition timing
Some cheep rims for winter use and to use whilst I polish mine
Colour coded grill
New center console

Inside of the car half way through


Final results

The broken console





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already there mate :)

user is deanpompey. not many pics up there though as my damn phone still wont connect to computer even though i fixed it! grrrr
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