Just bought a 2013 mk2 ford KA 1.2


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KA mk2 1.2
Hi im new here but I have just bought a 2013 KA for my first car and im looking to just do a few little things to it but having trouble finding parts made for this car. Im looking for a set of coilovers is I want to drop the ride height as it sits very high at the moment and has alot of body roll and would like to add an aftermarket exhaust but cant find anything just wanted to see if anyone knew where I could get "bolt on" parts as I dont really have the tools or space to modify parts to make them fit.
Hi again Kane see my other reply to you re mods and insurance.

If coilovers are not made then a springmaker can supply springs reset to give a lower ride height.

Any good muffler shop can make an exhaust system .

I,m guessing that your car is too quiet for you but loud cars attract plods unwanted attention .V(
Thanks for the advice. I dont want a big loud exhaust as the car is already bright red so will probably catch attention but just want to give it a little something.
IMO the first mods should be quality tyres and good brakes. I would also have the suspension checked for wear and then if all is ok a wheel allignment with a little negative camber of say 1 degree on the front that will help reduce front end push when cornering.
Its just had all new breaks fitted and tyres so it could pass MOT aswell as a new clutch. Ill get the alignment looked at aswell as the suspension next week when it goes in for a new lower arm.
Thanks again really appreciated the advice
Hopefully you will strive to become what I call "a driver" and not a "motorist" so I have poster a link to the tread so you will see the difference |B

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