issue fitting my turbine


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Fiat 131 CL
okay i started installing the turbo kit as u guys know

now im having an issue with installing the turbine because i dont have a space for it
so i thought maybe if i removed the battery to the other side and fix the turbine on the battery's place and then make a tube from the exhaust manifold to the turbine

i will have more space , better connecting for the piping , kinda more cold air will pass on the turbine and a higher level which makes it have a better oiling

but i wonder , is that a good idea or a bad one?
if so , why and is there another idea instead of making a custom exhaust manifold ?

thx :)
You could relocate the battery to the rear of the car, this is done sometimes but make sure it's a sealed battery.

Can you reduce the airbox size with an induction kit? You need the turbo as close to the engine as possible or you'll suffer from a lot of lag, unless you are happy with a remote turbo setup. Thinking about this project you might be better off with the remote turbo setting, you are only after low boost really.

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