Is this the coolest BMW youve ever seen


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What do you think of this. I hope it goes into production.:amazed::toung::D:bigsmile::bigsmile:
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if this goes into production i will have a new found respect for bmw

i have not been a fan of bmw's since the old shape m3
Nice find Xavier it does look stunning. The comparison you make says it all really Herb! The rear arches are very lamborghini if you ask me - not a bad thing at all mind.
No idea why - but it makes me think of the tiger from the Frosties advert, or at least the car he'd drive.
very nice i seen that car ages ago before it kame around they definately need to change the wheels tho but very nice bodykit ......
it is on production in next few years but i heard battery powered cars will be around in next 3 years or so i had look ther is one called telsa 400 bhp 0-62 in sumthin daft like 3 seconds . so if its not battery powered will be supprised.but if any one nos different let me no plz.
I was impressed with the Tesla until I heard the batteries need replacing at a cost of £10k every 5 years or so!
It is a bit of a looker. I imagine they will tame it down somewhat if it does go in production.

Id place a months wages those wheels or that rear spoiler will never make it into production (not a bad thing imo)
no they will run it on duracell lol . i found good picture from side but will admit me an computers dont get along to well lol. :)
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what a nice motor,

i want one,probably wouldnt be able to get my fat arse in it though :)

just look at that front end,if you saw that in your rear view mirror you would get out the way before it swallowed you up whole lol,its got my vote.
I heard bmw have been on the drawing board again and they will be bringing out a bmw Z10 convertible that looks very nice indeed they say it will be 2009 project but have look on the net and let us no what you think bmw z10.:bigsmile:
even if it does go into production most of us wouldn't be able to afford it with the current economy. just imagine the insurance on that thing. look beautiful though.
looks like they could use it for the next batman movie, nice car but a bit over the top and looks a bit dated.

looks like its a leepoo special from chop shop

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