Is the Honda Integra Type R a rear wheel car?

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as previously stated in the topical phrase of this post i was wondering whether the honda integra is a rear wheel drive vehicle. if not is there any chance of making it into a rear wheel drive car? or is this operation simply too complicated and too expensive to be worht it?
as far as im aware the interga is a 197bhp 1.8 vtech FWD

i did look into converting my civic into a rwd but was told this was way to much effort and would be better buying another rwd so save money
all depends on how much you love your car, if you want to keep it as long as possible then why not, but if you intend on changin then dont.

i'd like my car to be rear wheel drive, would improve the handling loads, but i rarely drive it to the back knackers anymore and here'd be no point concerning the size on engine.

if i transplanted a bigger engine then i'd cinsider the possibility

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