Is the 2l direct injection turbo engine better than the 1.8t it replaces ?


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The title is not entirely accurate, what i was meant to ask was; is the 2l turbo (in the current golf gti) as tuner friendly and robust as the 1.8t was in the mk4 gti ? i mean, it has direct injection which is great for turboing so it should be pretty tuner friendly too ? the 1.8 was known to get take around 300hp to 350hp (agu model) on standard internal parts and a few aftermarket parts.
It is far more economical and produces a lot more power. The engine is still yet to be fully explored but adding some RS3 injectors to it and a KO4 turbo along with a remap will yield a lot more than the same mods on the 1.8T. To date I'm not sure what the limits are on the standard internals but I imagine they will be higher than on the 1.8T AGU forged rod engines.

I have the 2.0 FSI Quattro and it is a lot quicker than my 1.8T Audi was and I only dropped about 3mpg! So I'm happy (220bhp vs 150bhp.)
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