Is it legal to sell a car not in your name?


Honda Civic ES 1.8
So I went to have a look at a 520d today. The car seems to be in top condition, runs flawless, he bought a new road tax for it and is insured, all the paper work checks out.... apart from one thing.

Now he pointed this out before I spotted it, the car he is selling is not in his name, but in the name of the person he claims he bought it from. His reason was that he bought the car for the missus but she finds it too difficult to handle, too big a car. So he didn't want to send off the documents knowing that he would sell it on anyway and also he didn't want to increase the number of previous owners hence he only owned it since July 2013.

I haven't done an HPI check yet, but he even encouraged that we do all the tests we can.

Is this a concern? what can I do to make sure what he says is genuine? and what problems can this cause for me?
This chap's not a dealer, selling it from his own home. How can I register the car in my name if the previous owner signed it to this chap?
Your worrying about nothing, actually it's the responsibility of the seller to send off the docs, so I suspect he is a dealer, he shouldn't have the log book in the previous owners name, it should have been sent off by whoever he bought it off unless he's a dealer.
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The honest looking ones are the best con artists! Beware.

Log book is not proof of ownership. Has he got the bill of sale from the previous owner as proof of ownership?
I would ask the seller if he is a trader if he says no walk away. Cause if he's adamant he isn't he's had a car for 5 months in someone else's name. And if he knew he wasn't keeping it why has it taken 5 months to sell?
The name in the log book (V5) is the registered keeper who is not neccessarily the owner.
If he has had it for 5 months his name should be on the v5. There is a special section in the v5 for dealers to fill out when they buy a car . Also if it is taxed by a different person to the name on the v5 the post office have to get the name changed to that person. Sounds like a part time dealer from home to me As his story doesnt add up.

I dont understand how has it taken 5 months for his wife to decide that she cant drive the car His story is clearly a bit dodgy but.......

None of this makes the car a bad buy if you want it .

If you do buy it get a receipt from him . Make sure you have been to his house and the receipt has that address on it . You could also get proof of id and write it on the receipt.

Under the circumstances I would expect the car to be very well priced

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