Is global warming a real thing and does it worry you


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Are you on the climate change is real, or it's fake and just a normal variation side of the debate?

If you feel that climate change is real does this bother you? Has it affected any of your motoring choices or lifestyle choices?
It's real. Science is a thing and proves a lot of things, including global warming.
I drive less, but also the cost of fuel has something to say about that.
I don't fly if I can drive.
Also the Earth is round ;):lol:
Round, really! You sure? So how do we stay on it if we're on the bottom! :lol:

I didn't state my opinion on this one, so I'm definitely convinced that climate change is real. I think we've already gone beyond the tipping point and it will accelerate from here on it.

The motorist is NOT to blame, and even if we all switched to zero emissions vehicles, we would not make a significant dent on harmful emissions.
I admit to being a skeptic.

Take Greta T for instance IMO she has been programmed by her mother who is a believer and not been given the other side of the argument and allowed to form her own opinion based on both sides of the discussion.

I see she wants us all to drive electric cars made out of things mined buy internal combustion machines with no thought about what or where the power to recharge it's batteries comes from mainly coal , gas or nuclear generators.

IMO she and her kind should be more concerned about the plastic pollution of the oceans.

We have the ER fools blocking roads and gluing themselves to roads etc IF I had my way I would place traffic cones around them and leave them there until they have wet themselves.

Happy 4 them to protest about whatever BUT off the roads and not stopping people to go about their business,see doctors , catch flights etc

PS tell me how to make zero emission vehicles without emitting some level of emissions and I might become a believer.
Time to start stockpiling food and water.

Things have gone to far. It will be interesting to see how nature bites back and affects the big businesses that have been damaging it so much over the years.

The motorist is not to blame, factories, power stations and large industry make a big impact along with aircraft and ferries, they should all be regulated and people should pay a price to help alleviate the damage they are doing but this would require international cooperation and I just can't see that happening.
I have been told that the supertankers put out more pollution than all the cars.
Then there are all the active volcanoes.
Maybe if we all lived off the grid and big business all failed at the same time.

I still try to do my bit, recycle and cut energy consumption wherever I can.
I think that plastic pollution of the lands,waterways and oceans is something that needs fixing NOW.

Surely the boffins can come up with bio-degradable plastics for starters and governments make the use of them compulsory ?
Paris Agreement

Trump didn't help that.

Lunchy I think that Trump didn't like having to pay billions into the Paris agreement and then be dictated to by some unelected (by US citizens) bureaucrats from a foreign country.

Just my 2 cents worth ;)
Any climate agreement will cost too much, and no one wants to be the first and if anyone holds out it all falls apart.
There are so many "scientific" predictions about potential disasters that have been made and failed to happen and that leads me to ponder IF there are some with a mindset or agenda that have produced studies based on computer modeling predicting future calamities/disasters that simply fail to happen.

That leads me to think that some may have had data loaded into the computer that was carefully selected to produce the desired result / answer / prediction that agreed with their agenda or beleif.

With computers when you put "rubbish in you get rubbish out"
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