Is a Turbo on a Escort RS2k really impossible?


Escort Rs2000
So ive had a gti and did everything to it for max performance but just badly wanted a turbo conversion to get it track worthy aswell as having summit unique everyone i asked said its not gunna happen you might aswell buy a RS turbo or cosworth or even have an engine swap so instead.
I sold it and got hold of a RS2000 for such a good price i had a few £K spare to throw into it now i have done this up abit with a viper pipercross induction, power boost valve and a awesome ignition set up got a few other little bits too.
To me im sure i have more than enough fuel and air available to have something big added . Im still dying to get a turbo on here but wanted to know your opinions , i have herd of some mk5/mk6 escorts having a turbo and yes i know it can cost alot,

(whats the deal with those remote turbos?)

Thanks ;)
Of course it can be turbocharged but you'll need to uprate the internals of the engine to run it at any boost worth using. Different pistons to lower the compression ratio, rods capable of holding them to the crank, possibly head work depending on turbo size etc etc. Don't forget you'll also need the brakes to stop it and the suspension to go round the bends quicker, tyres to stick to the road with. You may already have some of this.
The turbo will need controlling as will the fuelling/ignition. Fuel supply will need uprating. The list is endless but it all depands on your goal/end target.
Don't forget though that you can have monsterous amounts of power/torque but if you can't get it down on the road it's worthless.
Finally a good answer lol :bigsmile: yeah i got some good all round Ebc disc and pads some team dynamic 17' with pretty awesome tyres. but this is a project so theres no rush ,Thanks i know these RS2000 engines have big torque as they are originally from a a galaxy lol , ill post a up to date pic of under the bonnet eventually . do you know of any step by step guides for this kind of thing?
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