Hi I'm new also. I am looking at buying a 2007 1L turbo smart fortwo. I always wanted a roadster but the don't make them in Canada so I've decided to build my own version.

I have 1973 Opel gt I want to drop the body into the entire rear end of the smart car. I want to do some upgrades first. I have seen Suzuki engine putting out major hp but not very much from the Mitsubishi engines in the smart car. Most tunes with mods barely hit the 150hp only half of a Suzuki engine. Are there any people out there that can give me some real advise on if this engine can be made to hit atleast 200 hp and atleast 150ft-lbs of torque? I've seen the 700cc naturally aspirated engine get 148hp so what's wrong with the bigger engine? If it not possible then I might look at using a different 1000cc turbo engine.

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