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sorry if this is a repost as i am new but,
when painting the plastic in the car interior do i prime then paint, or paint prime paint?
i am a bit of a noob so please forgive me and thanks in advance for your help
Hi bigdon23 and welcome to TorqueCars. Don't ever worry about reposts - things change and its nice to get new ideas and latest methods.

I would sand (key the surface), then prime then sand (fine wet and dry) then paint. Have you found our plastic painting guide - it was writted by a paint sprayer and is very useful.
thanks waynne

thats where i got the idea from but the way it was explained was a little confusing so i thought i would check first before starting.
always use plastic primer as this gives the paint something to stick it

if not the paint will fall off even if you use normal primer do a little bit of spraying here and there and work next door to a body shop
i just been spraying wingmirrors which are plastic so im guessin the same theory applies but want to respray interior, anyway i sanded, primed, wet/dry again, then painted. Turned out pretty well
The L Word gets me too bigdon23. Please post up some pics when you are done (and have 10 posts! ;))
i will post some pics when done.

in my head the paint will look good and professional, just hope it does in real life when finished
ok so i keyed the plastic to be painted, washed it and then layed it out in my shed ready to paint.

when i started priming, a gust a wind blew dirt and hair ect onto the parts.

does anyone know what i should do from here? do i sand it all the way back and start again? plz help thanks
same happened here, flys kept getting stuck in it lol. Fortunatly its only on the primer so it should be alryt, just use a fine grade sandpaper and go over the whole area again which youshould really do in between coats anyway. You dont have to bother with the whole wet/medium/dry thing just the one fine sand should do. Once youve finished give it a quick clean with a wet lint free cloth and wait for it to dry. You should then be able to apply a good coat.

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