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just bought some interior neons for my car and i am a complete noob with electrics so if anyone can guide me on connecting them i would be thankfull. the instructions say connect direct to battery but would that not leave wires trailing over my engine?
Hi you can find a good Live (Red) & Neg (black) in the dash.Go from battery if not sure...If poss connect up the LEDs together if got a few, so ya end up with 2 wires LIVE & EARTH ...Get yaself a nice 12v switch (Light up one) should have 3 prongs..Earth..Load..& supply,Live from the battery to supply on switch..negitive from battery to earth on switch,,now the poss on the LEDs on the Load of the switch..Now ya left with the neg wire of the Leds or neons,,this goes with the earth thats on the switch..Now the switch will light when on etc..hope this helps...
Are they Neons or LEDS lights??? just wondered as neons use alot more juice of the battery..
Get behind the cigar lighter - this will be one of the easiest ways to locate a power source in some cars this is ignition switched in others is it permenantly live.

Bear in mind that the cars metal body is earth so you only really need a live any connection to metal will complete the circuit.
i wouldnt mess with electric unless i knew what i was doing, but you can find your circuit board behind your glove box in some cars, just pull it down,

tbh leds = the future
And don't forget to put a fuse in, as close as possible to where you tapped the live wire, and deffo before the switch if putting a switch in. For leds a 3 amp fuse is more than enough usually.

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