intercooler in tsi 1.8 octavia


octavia 1.8 tsi
i have a skoda octavia 1.8 tsi 160hp ,remapped stage 1 revo .
i want to change the ic. does anyone can advice me about
the suitable dimensions of the aftermarket ic; i hear about the s3 audi
hey and welcome.
not sure on the new audi but the old one used 2 sidemount intercoolers .
really for astage 1 revo a frontmount isnt going to make much difference providing there is aducute airflow.
i tend to go to revo stage 2 and i have a pipercross intake and aftermarket
exhaust system next to downpipe and sparks iridium ik 22. here in greece
everybody talk about bigger ic because of the weather conditions
ah sorry didnt see you were from greece so yes a more efficient intercooler will worker better than over here.

remember that bigger isnt always bigger. if you go too big them you will end up with more lag so less throttle response
i am in big confusion thinking about changing intercooler. i have seen that
all the tsi,tfsi, 1.8, 2.0cc cars of the vw group have intercoolers with the
same dimensions and quality. here in greece some mechanics put out the oem
intercooler and get in its position the audi's s3 with the 1ko145803p code,
or put out the oem ic and get in front of the water cooler the new aftermarket ic which is much more smaller than the oem. the oem ic is mainly covered by the water cooler while the new aftermarket is at all free to air supply.
now i found a new way, retaining the oem ic,connecting directly to a new ic in front of the water cooler. forge is mainly use this way of ic product.
forge use the same piping but do away with the SMIC and replace it with a FMIC.
sorry i dont yet have ETKA installe don the new laptop so cant look at he part numbers (hopefully will have it back up and runnin in the next few days).

the oem SMIC has one major problem (this is based on the Mk4 design -Mk1 octavia) that there is no where for the air to go once its through the IC so the heat soak is murderous on it. there is mods you can do to the wheel arch, TT S3, where the vents allow the air to pass straight through. add this to the fact that the wheel turning in the arch makes negitive pressure, a vacuum, means the air is being dragged out.
like i said im not sure of the Mk5 (MK2 Octavia) im not so sure of. im gueesing that the OEM is a front mount goin by what you have said
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