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Interchangeable diff gears

Discussion in 'General car Chat' started by TCJBOLDIE, 8 June 2018.


    TCJBOLDIE Torque King

    JB Starion
    As some of you will know that I stripped half of the pinion gears teeth at the recent Oakey sprints in my 85 Starion and think that I have found that a MK Mitsubishi Triton Ute crown wheel and pinion will fit as my diff guy has measured the parts and thinks that they will fit with a little adjustment, fingers xxxed

    I have decided to lower the ratio from 3.9 to 4.222 an app 8 % lower ratio so hopefully it will result in reducing the time taken between corners as well as my overall times.

    The ultimate top speed is of no concern for the events I enter that are mainly 1-1.5 klm sprints on closed public roads and 5 lap sprints on the short track at my local racetrack.
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