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Hey all, I need to purchase some Honda Integra Type R DC2 (1996-2001) brake calipers. Does anyone know of a good place to buy them from?

Cheers! :bigsmile:
Ebay is worth a go. Try most importers as they usually provide a parts supply service. (SVA imports in Folkestone) are pretty helpful.
Be very carefull, i had a problem with this. Imports ones are different fitting to uk tegs. After 3 attempts i ended up getting one from honda for £140 ish. You could try Integrastella on ebay, really cool guy called Andy breaks tegs for a living. He has loads of bits listed on ebay at the moment.
i know it sounds strange but would the brakes from a civic type r not do the same job ?
both are pushing the 200bhp mark and both properly weigh it at around the same
I need the calipers to be able to help stop 300+ bhp when I'm done though. As for the time being I want to build it up to Integra Type R spec. I think this will be the best way to get the most out of it but still have it as my daily drive.
if your looking at silly power figs ( yep im going to say 300 is silly ) then a full new brake setup might be easier. i was thinking along the line that the new intergra uses, i think, the old (2001+) type r brakes and its pushing 220bhp standard. these are also used to the heavier engine, 1.8 over a 2.0. not to mention the extras that are now in cars such as the air con. they might also be easier to get hold of
The DC5 Integra Type R has brembro calipers but they won't fit behind the Lenso RS5s I have on order. The DC2 Integra (1996-2001 I think) used calipers that can fit beneath any rim. I will have a look into the newer Type R brakes on the Civic. I've currently got the place waynne recommended looking into the Integra Type R calipers.
think your dates are right the DC5 isnt avalible in the UK. also wondering what the accord type Rs brakes are like ?

the last two type Rs 2001+ both come with 17" alloys so will give you plenty of clearance with your 18".
yeah thats the problem with big brakes you need big rims. ive just got clearance with the312mm discs on min (originally though they were the 288mm standard on the bora) and thats with the 17"s on. if im wanting to fit porshe 4 potters or brembos id have to go to 18s

dont know if it exists for honda but ive got a nice online catalouge for VAG part ( that show the part numbers ) which means i can search for brake parts and see what they cost and what they were used on
Don't forget if you do all these modifications you will need to look at the cars handling if changing tyre sizes on the integra and so does lowering. Don't forget the Integra was designed by hondas F1 team to a race speck anyway.
It gets me too. I often start repeating myself.
It gets me too. I often start repeating myself.
It gets me too. I often start repeating myself.

(NURSE - he's got out of bed again!) = voice from behind:lol:

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