Integra from the rising sun??


Honda Integra DC2
Hi all who see this thread...

My dream car is a Honda Integra Type R DC2 from Japan, but I want to know all the legal crap and insurancing to import a car from Japan, I actually want to be a togue racer, which is the reason I want the Integra... but I need to know where to get one, what I have to go through, how much my wallet can suffer more than Poland in WWII, etc...

Can anyone help me? Ive always wanted one of these cars...

Thanks, The No. 2 Driver is The Demon’s Edge.
Hi and welcome |B
I am an admirer if the Integra type R and wish you good luck in finding one in good nick.
Insuring is just the same as insuring a domestic car. Mine is a JDM import and I have no issues with insurance. Some insurance companies may give you hassle as they cant find the exact model; don't insure with them.

As for actually importing one... gives the legal lowdown. You can do it yourself or use one of the many import companies to hunt down a car and do all the paperwork for you.
you dont need to import as there are plenty on the road in the uk already.

without the right contacts in japan you are not likely to get the car mch cheaper anyway and you can see and test drive it before parting with your cash
Beware of hidden fees when importing, import tax is a big one that catches out quite a few. Personally I'd use an import car broker to source and import one.
i do have apart time business importing cars from japan if you want to go that route.
Getting a decent car is easy enough as i have dealer contacts (buying direct from auctions is quite risky ) Other downside is it will take 3-4 months and probably wont be much cheaper because these cars are quite sought after in Japan.
Id still look in the uk for one.

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