integra DC2 Fuel Sender - Can you help?

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Hi All,

I've owned my 2000-reg'd integra DC2 for almost four years now. about 14 months ago it developed a fault with the fuel sender (basically the gauge was reading half full when i had a full tank etc) the dealer said it was the sender unit and replaced it for £160.00. Yesterday i fillled up from just under a half tank, the gauge only registered 3/4 full, it has now dropped to half a tank, but i've only done about 25 miles!

Has anyone experienced this before? I can't believe that the car could possibly need another fuel sender - that would be 3 in 8 years! I would of thought it should last a lifetime.

Obviously i am reluctant to go back to the dealer and pay another £160.00 for them not to get it sorted. Any suggestions here would be much appreciated. Thanks very much.
Hi Teg21 - welcome to TorqueCars. Nice car - I like the DC2's.

I had a Vauxhall with this problem. I went through 3 senders. Eventually we worked out it was a bad earth connection causing the problem. Surely if a dealer "fixed" the problem this is now a warantee repair? I'd see if you can put some pressure on dealer to fix it.

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