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Have a question and hopefully somebody can help me out, I found a hard to find digital cluster for my mazda 323, but the problem is when I swap it plug it in and everything when turn the ignition on a buzzing sound comes up like something is not right and the cluster won't read or show the rpm or anything, the light on dash comes on even when the switch is off, defroster works on dash but no rpm shows and fuel gauge show as Empty or something like that, Do I need to get a gtx ecu and wiring harness in order for this cluster to work on my se sedan? or if u have any ideas will gladly like to try one.
hopefully someone can help me out cause this cluster getting dusty, lol!!! i'm also looking to find an 90-94 323 here, will love to hook that one up as well i use to have one but it came from OH. and it was too rusty i junked it, sometimes i regret doing that but oh well it's too late now right!!!!!!!!
Just let me know if someone can help, also will be interested on some rear spoilers for an89 hatchback, looking online but can't find them anywhere if any one of you guys know someone let me know. thanks again.
Hello just checking to see if anybody had any idea of what the problem might be with the digital cluster I want to put on my 323, If any one know anybody just let me know, I really want to put this on, installed 2 days ago the mazda gt grille, is looking good now, just ordered the clear bumper signal lenses and then want to get the clear headlights and corner lamps. will keep updating as I go, Thanks for the support.
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