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BMW 318ci SE
bought a 01 318ci se the other day and found a few faults when i got hr home. nothing major. the trip meter wont reset and theres two 'light' symbols apprearing in the same section that shows a door is open etc. what are these 'light' symbols mean? theyre at the back of the little car if that makes a difference.
I am not familiar with the BMW range but it could be letting you know that a brake light or side light is faulty. I would check these out first.
Also, don't just park the car against a wall to see if you can see two red reflections. On my Saab they use a clever device where if a brake light fails on one side then the side light is used to compensate for the failure, so make sure you check this properly.
Also, another rascal for causing this kind of failure could be faulty tow bar electrics, so if you have one check this as well.

Good luck buddy.
cheers, been looking around and they say it could be something to do with the stop switch on the brake pedal. gona try that this week and see how that goes. as for the trip meter ive still no idea....
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