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Im all new to this, but anyway, I have a 1998 Subaru WRX and im looking for 17" Inovit STVI finished in white or gunmetal, but everywere I try says they dont have them. Does anyone know were I can get these? Or were I can get a similar looking wheel?


I am desperate for these wheels now, I am really after the white ones, but gunmetal would do either way I just want these wheels!

Any help at all that leads me in the right direction will be greattttttttt!!!

Does anyone know if these are even being brought back into stock? Or are they being discontinued? I have no leads yet and I really want these for the new race season!!!!

Thank's for everyone who helps

P.S I will be posting this on multiple forums if I get any leads from anywere else I will let you guys know!
I'll keep my ear to the ground for you. Check out the cars for sale ads, you might be able to do a deal with the seller and get the wheels at a knock down price if you swap him your old wheels.
Sounds like a good idea, but really I would like them to be brand new may be an option in the future do you even know what sort of wait were looking at for these wheels? Seems to be every man and his dog want them!
You could ask the specialist importers if they can source some? (Try SVA imports in Folkestone Kent for starters.)
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hmmm first things first, hi T9 man! thanks for the hello lol :)

next thing, the volk racing? Rays? I've heard of rays but who are volk? are they better/worse quality than the STVI? Are a lot of people woh want the STVI gonig for the rays or volks?

Thanks for the info so far guys really helping me out here!!
Rays Engineering make the VOLK Racing range of wheels the TE37 is one of them

The VOLK Racing TE37
The Inovit STVi

The volks are probably forged alloy the Inovits are more likely cast instead making the volk slightly lighter
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hmm very similar arn't they just cant find another similar wheel for inovit stvi price, reason there sold out its cos there so cheap lol the volks are like 1.7k!

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