injectors upgrade for GLA250 2.0 4matic stage 2 tuned


Seattle Wa
2017 GLA 250 4matic
Hi, i was looking to upgrade my injectors for my 2017 gla250 4matic stage 2 tuned and want it to see what injectors i can put? also i have created a custom 3''inch turbo intake inlet that's routed towards the passenger side bottom side grill area for more fresh air. Currently have turbo muffler delete, blow off valve adapter, catless downpipe and catless piping with muffler delete. the spool you can clearly hear it nice and loud as i like it. i haven't dyno it yet but really want to see whats the max i could do with the stock turbo.
Hello and welcome |B

IMO you are getting a bit ahead of yourself by wanting to upgrade the injectors without even knowing if that is needed given your mods to date so my advise based on personal experience over many years is that you get a base run on a dyno to find out the WOT flow rate and if it is below 85% they will be fine BUT I would recommend that you pull them and get them sonically cleaned and flowrate tested first and dyno tested second.

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