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I'm a complete novice when it comes to cars but I have a real interest and really want to understand them more, I read the main articles on the main site for induction kits, and i'm a little confused as to what the difference is between an induction kit and an air filter? are they the same thing just a different name? I read as long as it's a cold intake or something it will work better... I have a 2002 Corsa C could anyone recommend an induction kit or air filter for me? I want a better noise from my car and maybe some extra BHP if possible! ( :p )

sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum as well!

thanks in advance!
Induction kits replace the air intake box completely and air filter go inside the intake box. Both act as filters for the air - the induction kit though gives a roar sound and more power on some cars.
oh I see, thankyou, i'll be needing an induction kit then! could you recommend one? don't really wanna spend loads... and someone told me if you have an induction kit you will fail your MOT, is this true?
not true if fitted properly. depending on the type of kit you're after, prices can vary though they are more expensive than replacing the original filter.

have you thought about increasing the air flow to the filter box? i was in your shoes at one point and induction wasn't right for the car.

what engine size do you have if you dont mind me asking? and you will hardly notice the power gain, and you only hear the induction roar at full open throttle. hope this helps.
aswearing is right - the MOT will usually be fine with an induction kit. The engine size is quite an important factor as is the exhaust you choose as this needs to balance the air flow through the engine.
i see, and it's a 1.0 corsa, it's pretty damn *#*#*#*#, but i'm a poor student who can't afford anything else! i got a bit of cash to try and sport it up a bit, i was considering getting a 1.7 corsa engine put in, but i'm not sure, and wouldn't know where to start! does that help? and would a £40 K&N filter do the job?
more than what i can afford!

i thought that the 1.7 was a diesel? :? replacing your engine will be expensive and wil completely change your insurance.

k&n re a respectable manufacturer and the the best air filter is one whee air flows easily through, have you tried any other makes?

i found that chnging the mass air flow from a 1.0 12v spec to a higher sxi air flow made a difference in smoothness and response of the car.

bothe are relatvely cheap and you can do them both yourself! hope this helped aswel.
i havn't tried anything yet, i was looking at the K&N filters on ebay... would any of these do?



is K&N really needed? or are they all pretty much the same?

thanks again!
hmmm. max power bolt on funnel filters (and similar makes) that are universal aren't really the best port of call.

with a respectable brand name like k&n, green cotton, dnx, pipercross etc you know it is quality. these filters will allow better air flow compared to bolt ons. here are a few names & prices for panel filters on your car:

pipercross - £32.99
K&N - £41.99
green cotton - £39.99
DNX - £27.99

out of these, pipercross use a spongelike material and is washable and reusable.

for the sake of a few more quid replacement panel filters for your car is best to suit your engine size.

hope that helped even more!
not always necessarily true, an induction kit will not help your car very much and you hardly notice the 'roar'

the filter looks good, and if you buy 1 or 2 cold feed pipes and channel them into your airbox, this will produce the same effect (effectively :? )

as your car moves, the air is channeled down the pipes, into the airbox which forces air through the filter giving the same effect as an induction kit.

the air will be cooler aswel if you keep the hosing away from the engine.
As a lot of people have wrote the problem with Induction Kits is that unless you buy likes of the Viper or BMC (enclosed) instead of sucking cold air onto the engine the Ind Kit will suck the hot air from the engine bay Vauxhalls are notoriosly bad for this but if you go to any good Custom Exhaust maker they should be able to make you up a Custom Heat Sheild for you I done this myself I bought a RamAir Induction Kit that gave me a LOVELY roar but took some of the performance away instead of improving it but after having the Heatsheild made up I got a noticable improvement in performance and the Ind Kit still roars away lovely when I find out how to post up pics I will post one up but basecly the heat sheild I had made up is Stainless Steel it encloses the Ind Kit from the Heat it's like a big pipe that fits over the Ind Kit with a smaller pipe coming out from the front for a cold air feed originally I took the feed from the cold air feed that fed the Airbox till I found better piping and a better position to put the cold air feed pipe...
Hope this helps some mate.
(To post up a pic use the Go advanced and below the smilies are an upload or insert picture option.) I will be making this a whole lot easier soon!;)
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