Improving Rover 25 84ps for sprints

Weight reduction, anti roll bar and an engine swap with the 2.0 Turbo or the 1.8VVC. Is that the 1.4 engine you have at the moment?
Thanks..and that would be great except for the fact that it is for competing in Sprints and Hill climbs in the 140cc Road Car classes in the scottish Speed Championship.So i have to stay with the basic 1.4 engine...
....of course that does not mean I cant fit the 56mm throttle body,sports exhaust,better cold air intake etc long as I dont alter the basic engine.
By the way...are most parts of the ZR interchangeable with the 25?
I also want to get rid of the standard seats for racing seats,so that should lose some weight...
Paint lose some the avarage cars paint weighes about 12 - 15 pounds ie = 5kgs lost is about the same as 1 bhp gained
Whatever you do don't lighten the flywheel since you need the momentum going uphill. A lightened flywheel will make the engine bog-down when up -shifting.
engine is in pieces now...
fitting Piper X alloy throttle body with new head 200 exhaust manifold that doesn't have the de-cat built in...should see an improvement...ZR suspension going on...

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