impreza sti wagon import 97

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impreza sti wagon
just bought my first subaru,wicked bits of kit.just wondering if theres any one out there with some tips on doing it up,its already got cusco coilovers, vf24 turbo on a timer saying 1.4 bar of boost, yellow injecters,apexi induction kit,dont really no what else to do to it:confused:
hey and welcome to the site.
theres a few on here with scoobys now do a search for badg3r ( think thats how its down ) as he done quite a bit to his before selling it.
i your after some artwork for it look to 2fast2catch some amazing work by her on vinyl
Hi there and welcome. Get yourself a decent set of brakes. Are you into styling much?

You would also see power gains with a better intercooler.
cheers boys,my car is booked in for service and dyno this week now at corten miller lincs ,to find out what bhp she is ,and get her tuned ill keep ya all posted.
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