Im thinking of getting an Audi R8

You are from Australia then LGS? Which part? You'll have to post up some pics of your car when you get to 10 posts, we'd all love to see it.:D
An R8 - looks fantastic, was slavouring over one in the airport but too mean to part with 20 quid to take part in the competition to win one. It'll be a while before they come to Vietnam - plus you have to pay a ridiculous 100% luxury tax plus additional taxes,
The taxes can be crazy on import cars (is that based on the new price or a used price?)

At least the prices are coming down now. I've seen one at £50k ! (£49k to go then!:lol:)
regardless, new or used still have to pay tax based on the purchase price of the car, and the customs are wise to this now. about 6 months ago someone tried to import a Lamborghini Gallardo, very low miles and alomst new, claiming the price was usd40000 so they woulod have reduced taxes now the motors impounded and no one knows when it can be released
actually, with some many bankers being fired maybe a whole load of nice exotic cars out in the market that will come down fast in price. mmmm, could see myself behind the wheel of a ferrari !!
R8 - looks fantastic. I see the falling prices of around £ 60 000 in the list of used book sales.
I've seen a few hitting £50k recently, people are getting desparate to sell the early v8 ones! There are some real bargains to be had but still sadly out of my price range!
Don't worry Waynneus, I am still hoping for the Nissan GT-R's to drop to arround 20 by next year. My blan was bullet proofe. But its not worked??? :confused: They haven't dropped in price as much as id like. I'm such a dumb arse! :lol:
Yeah at double the price :sad2:

I need nissan to bring out a new modle to bring the price down. Nissan if your reading, bring out the GT-RRRR-FP874TI version!! :D
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