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How many times have you had an "oh dang it I'm going to die or get seriously hurt" moment in a car? Were you driving at the time?

I've had a few.

1) Moron in an Escort RS Mexico overtaking towards me in a too small a gap!

2) The time I skidded off the road into the bank and the front of the car flipped up.

3) Being driven by an old almost blind relative, I got out and walked the rest of the way.

4) Once when I was young and miss timed an overtake (I'm sure the guy was accelerating as I went past him.)

Have you ever perhaps even been injured in a car?
Never been injured bad but I was on the car with my friends cousin and a car sideswiped us and spun us round 180 degree. I saw it all happening so I braced myself against the seat infront of me "as i was in the back". It wrecked both cars but everyone luckily was ok with just some minor neck pains. We didn't get an ambulance or anything cause we was on our way out clubbing so we left his cousin to sort it out an me and my mate jumped in the next taxi and went to the club....
What's with the death and injury questions today ? Are you in need of some damage counselling ? Maybe an appointment with a nice psychiatrist chappy or do you just need a holiday ? ;):lol::lol:
once in car: when i crash my old peugeot, that was a bit of a 'this is gonna hurt' moment and didnt think i was gonna walk away from it.

and prob more than once on bike but main one that stands out was when bus slammed brakes on in front of me on a bend on a wet country road, felt back tyre start to slip but managed to stay upright and stop only to look behind me to see a lorry quickly approaching, i couldnt take my eyes off driver as he got closer and closer, he finally stopped just as i was ready to ditch bike and dive out of the way so i didnt become sandwiched. that left me a bit shaky.
My friend got T-boned. He pulled out of a side road whilst it was clear on the main road and he nearly made it out when a speeding driver smacked into him. The driver of the other car said 'I thought you'd be out of the way in time.' Tough luck though as the insurance company decided it must have been my friend's fault as he was a mere 18 at the time and the other guy was on the main road already (even though he was around a bend and speeding at the time my friend pulled out).

The other car hit us right on the rear wheel arch, and I was sitting next to that one. I thought the door had caved in on me at first and later I realised it was me hitting the door!

On the plus side the other guy's car was wrecked and we carried on with our night out!
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I almost put my car into a roundabout once. I was happily driving along and went to put my brakes when the rear locked up. Admittedly I was above speed limit so if it had of been serious then it would have been my own stupid fault. But live and learn eh?
I was over taking on a long straight road, went to overtake put it in fourth but it wouldn't go in to 4th tried coasting it but not enough power and a car came flying towards me, thank god the car i was overtaking sped up so i got bak on my side of the road before something bad happened.
Had a few little cackin myself moments, but nothing majorly bad.
When i was learning to drive, some guy in a citroen picasso overtaking 3 cars heading towards me. He some how nipped in between two of the cars in such a small gap, could of been potentially nasty as the road wasnt great.
these moments make you lose control and do accidents. no matter in what condition you are, remain calm and think with your head, being calm and thinking it's the best way, cause if you say i'm going to die, that's what it is going to happen for real.
What's with the death and injury questions today ? Are you in need of some damage counselling ? Maybe an appointment with a nice psychiatrist chappy or do you just need a holiday ? ;):lol::lol:
Definately in need of a Holiday. I've been overdoing it big time. My health is telling me to cut back, my pockets say not to? Which do you listen to?
Never been in a serious accident but I came really close not so long ago. I was driving on the highway and was going home. We only have two lanes on the highways here and there was a car coming right at me from the opposit direction. He was on a modified 4x4 and was on the middle of the road. I blinked him and honked but he didn't start to move 'till he was just a few meters in front of me. I was as far as I could go to the side and he just missed my left side mirror.
Had a few scary moments at low speed in the snow and ice last week. The scariest was being unable to stop at the end of the road and thanks be that there was nothing coming?
Gettingbrake fade on my astra as i was approching a t juction so had to pull the hand brake on.Had been thrashing it before like.Giving my brother in law a lift home at the time his face was a picture.Come to think i dont think hes ever been in again.lol
Scariest time was when i had the family and mother in the vectra and stopping at red lights and looking in my mirror and seeing this car hurtling towards us.WHAM!!!!!! back and side off the car then he went across the road and smashed up a astra and tried speeding off.He had stopped further down the road realising what had just happened.Early Saturday morning police came,never breathalised him,just sent him on his way when every thing was swapped.
on the outside carriageway of a dual carriageway in the snow and ice, was driving in the outside to avoid getting stuck in the tramlines as i knew i wanted to turn off and some idiot saw me coming and then deliberately stuck his nose into the lane, must have missed him by inches. the other time was coming over the brow of a hill in the dark, driving my infamous saloon nova, (the lights were not great) seeing what looked like some white light reflecting off the road, then all of a sudden recognise its a flock of sheep running aroundso ended up going sideways into the middle of them - all ok just a bit shocked

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