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Hi guys, after looking around i think this will be the best forum to ask this question, i had a piggy-back system added to my astra 1.6, and had it tuned, looking at the ignition map it looks a bit odd to me, could i ask if you guys also think there is something wrong there or is it ok, sorry i'm not to clued up at tuning, have only been doing the motor part,

Here is a screen shot of my ignition map,


Thanks a mill guys.
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the problem i got is i brought this piggy back because it is an amazing system, i spoke to the tuner in my home town before i brought it and he said he can tune it, after spending almost 3 hours on the dyno he said its right, i took it for a drive and it was less responsive than it was befor, so i took it back and he spent another 3 hours or so(and charged me for it) and it ran better, but i feel it is still a bit lazy, it i add an octane booster it feels more responsive, so i am thinking its either my fuel map or my ignition. my ignition just seems a bit off to me if i compare the map to other maps.
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