Ignition blackout


New Caledonia, Noumea
Peugeot 307
My Peugeot 307 will not go. It was going one moment. I stopped, ejected my family, got back in and nothing .... not a thing .... the door unlocking was the last electrical thing to work ... I pressed the unlock button on the key, the door unlocked, the dashboard lights lit up and then as I pushed the key into the ignition and long before it was fully in and twisted everything just shut down ... not a sign of lights and even the remote door lock will not work.

I checked battery, all looked good (and all had been working perfectly - no starting issues, no hint of electrical slow down). I tried several times - nothing. I gave up and got a lift to work. Later that day I returned still nothing so I went to get a local Peugeot mechanic. He came up tried the key and nothing. He looked under the bonnet (hood) the battery and wiring tested out O.K. Got back in and tried again - nothing. Then he tried again and everything was back to normal. He had no idea what was wrong and thankfully didn't charge for the call-out.

Car worked for three days then parked at work and when returning at lunch-time - same problem. Three days it has been sitting there and about 20 attempts later the dashboard lights suddenly came on again but this time only for a few seconds before cutting straight back out.

And that is where I am at now. This does not seem to be a battery problem. It feels like I am triggering some sort of security shut down but I don't know of one and so certainly don't know how to overcome it. Perhaps someone out there can put their finger straight onto the problem, but I am concerned by the original mechanic's shoulder shrugging. Considering his initial fee, I would be very happy to give him my custom if he had looked a little more convincing.

However, if someone out there has encoounterd this exact same problem and can advise me on how to fix it, I, and my family, would be most grateful.
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